Hello! My name is Chad Campbell, and I’m a lifelong surfer and Yoga lover from Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  To summarize, I got injured surfing, and Yoga was the movement that helped the most.  Eventually I was practicing asana a lot and loving it, and very organically I ended up getting my teaching certification through Mukti Yoga.  I have a deep appreciation for all 8 limbs of Yoga, and although I'd be hesitant to call myself a devoted Yogi, I'm very grateful for the practice of Yoga.

I had a long "bio" here and it bored the pants off of me :P So!  

I was certified by Julie Rader (aka Sensei), and Linda Baffa of Mukti Yoga.  I've been teaching off and on since 2010.  

I teach fun, alignment based flow.  Sometimes music, sometimes quiet, a bit of "philosophy" maybe, but mostly leave that up to the individual. 

Some teachers and influences are Aaron Duncan, Julie Rader, Shane Dorian, Jack Kerouac, Tenzin Gyatsu, Jack Burton, Wu-Tang Clan, and most obviously the Ocean. 


(other stuff about me at chadkcampbell.com)

quick practice:

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